Don’t Touch My Hat 🧢👑

Someone once told me It’s not the job that’s challenging It’s the people you work with Causing the stress and headaches Studying psychology of people Before my anxiety shoots up to 100 I’ve been conditioned into a mindset Of a lifestyle that does not exist And I’ve been living a life of chaos and confusion […]

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Change Starts with Me

Can’t change the opinions of others Perspectives invalid Abuse you, mistreat you Bully you, harass you This world Lord God Please help me and protect me from myself Others will reap what they sow I feel out of place in this world I’m living in No one understands me I’m always wrong Jealousy and egos […]

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Dumping Ground

I’m not your certified babysitter I’m damn sure no quitter Trying to lead by example Before I snap and hit her If I lose another piece of myself I think I’m honestly and truthfully feel like I might lose myself Already fighting to get up physically The more I go through this I’m drained mentally […]

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Pain From Within

I see the pain in your eyes Taking life day by day through forced smiles Just a young man trying to navigating this thing we call life Witnessing a brother getting killed by objects more lethal than a knife You and me, we are the same Inside, outside these differences we can’t seem to tame […]

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Perfectly planned, horribly executed How does this keep happening? Prepared from the past Reflection in the present Revamp towards the future Still can’t get it right Is it because you mentally can’t do? Or do you mentally choose not to? This can’t keep happening Better yet, maybe it needs to happen til shit hits the […]

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Never Forget

Never forget the words that hurt me Never forget the people that ridiculed me Too many television shows and commercials have plagued me Fear me Prophecy has governed over me The enemy’s been trying to kill me Humanity always try to manipulate me Lies, lies, and more lies I’ve been deceived Why do you continue […]

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